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Experienced Data Extraction Engineer (Reverse/Crawler Engineer)

Belgium, , GentEngineering

Job description

OTA Insight is a commercial platform for the hospitality industry (our clients are AirBnb property owners, individual hotels and major chains like Hilton, Accor, etc.). These are exciting times at OTA Insight: we recently raised another round of funding ($80 million) and we have welcomed two new companies, Transparent and Kriya, to our organisation that will expand our product portfolio! To accomplish our ambitious plans we are growing our Engineering team and Data Extraction Engineering has a crucial role to play. So, are you ready to have a big impact in a fast-growing scale-up?

About the team and the position

The OTA Insight Crawler team is built around data ingestion and integration with external parties. It's responsibilities lie in ensuring our products receive a continuous stream of high quality data. We do this by building the integrations with external systems, but also by implementing monitoring and QA tooling that allows us to monitor and optimize our systems at scale. The team works in close collaboration with our Product team, as well as a highly talented group of software engineers, devops engineers, and project managers to drive initiatives forward.

Today we process billions of data points and +100TB of data on a daily basis, containing hotels' pricing information, search data, hotel bookings, etc. All of that using modern technologies. Being a growth company enables us to regularly attract new and interesting datasets, which can unlock new product directions.

We are looking for an expert in web scraping techniques and web technology, with an outside the box mindset who has experience or interest in employing this on a large scale.

In this role you will:

  • Reverse engineer data sources like websites, APIs, mobile apps to help us scale our products
  • Investigate the newest browser fingerprinting techniques
  • Perform tracking behavior analysis
  • Think out of the box and come up with creative strategies to extract data
  • Write Python applications that extract data from these external data sources
  • Find ways to monitor and auto-heal the data extraction process
  • Support and rebuild integrations that fail e.g. due to a changing website

Benefits of working at OTA Insight

  • The opportunity to shape the products that more than 75.000 users rely on world-wide

  • The chance to grow and evolve the data culture at a fast-growing scale-up

  • A flexible working environment where you can work from home or at one of our offices

  • A global Team Gathering where we fly everyone out to the same location. This year we’ll be meeting in Denver, Colorado!

  • Two annual Detox Days, on top of your personal holidays, when we take some time away from our computers with the entire company

  • Lunch, on us, every day you’re at the Ghent office

  • A choose-your-own transportation budget should you choose to come to the office

  • A highly competitive compensation package

Job requirements

  • Master degree in a STEM field or equivalent experience
  • High-energy self-starter with a passion for data, attention to detail, and a positive attitude
  • Python developer that has well-rounded experience on web technologies (in various domains: browser, server, web infrastructure, security)
  • Experience with cloud platforms (we use GCP)
  • Fluent in English
  • Open for remote work