Young Graduate - Data Engineer

Job description

-- This position is for prospective 2022 graduates and with start date September 2022--

2022 will be a big year here at OTA Insight as we recently had the pleasure of announcing a new series B funding of 80 million which will fuel our investment in product innovation! To accomplish our ambitions plans we are growing our innovation teams significantly where our Data Engineering team plays a crucial part in. Ready to have a big impact in an ambitious scale-up? Read along!

About the position:

We are looking for a Data Engineer who is passionate about scalable data architectures, complex data transformations, and handling large data streams on the fly, and wants to see their work translated into real life applications that impact 100.000’s of hotels worldwide.

In a fast-growing scale-up priorities might shift from time to time. You’ll gain experience and ownership in different domains depending on your ambition, but here are some general topics:

  • Research and test Data processing methodologies, tools and frameworks
  • Implement streaming and batch data processing pipelines
  • Clean, analyse and extract datasets from external sources
  • Guarantee data integrity and quality by extending our logging, monitoring and outlier detection systems
  • Deploy and monitor applications in a reproducible and scalable way
  • Experiment, think about and take ownership of a piece of our tech stack/infrastructure and find ways to improve it
  • Provide support to your team members and other teams in the company. We have a very open and flat structure and have a very short feedback loop on both internal and customer questions

Technologies you’ll work with:

Python, Google cloud Pub/Sub, Spanner, BigQuery, BigTable, Kubernetes, Jupyter Notebooks

(feel free to ask us why these are the best fit for us)

About the team

The OTA Insight Data Engineering team in Gent is the gatekeeper to our vast datasets. Its mission is to reliably transform, integrate and store the numerous data sources that power our BI products. Some datasets are acquired by web scraping or API integrations, others are pushed to us by external vendors. Our main dataset holds 3 trillion (yes that’s 12 zeros) hotel rates. The team works in close collaboration with our Product team, as well as a highly talented group of software engineers, devops engineers, and project managers to drive initiatives forward.

Today we process billions of data points and +100TB of data on a daily basis, containing hotels' pricing information, search data, hotel bookings, etc. All of that using modern technologies. Being a growth company enables us to regularly attract new and interesting datasets, which can unlock new product directions. 

About OTA Insight

OTA Insight is a scale-up within the hotel industry. Founded in 2012, with a vision to provide user friendly tools to hoteliers. Today we are considered the global leader in hotel BI and are working with 55,000+ hotels worldwide in 185+ countries. As there are more than 1 million hotels worldwide, we are still filled with ambition to grow further.

We generate value to our customers by visualising actionable insights out of our vast datasets. Our tools help hotels to analyse their competition’s room pricing, analyse their hotel revenue, and find out where and when guests are looking and booking. Our products have a profound impact on the day to day activities of our customers, taking away guesswork and simplifying their routines. This has allowed us to grow rapidly over the past few years, adding new products as we solve new problems for our users.


We are not looking for existing knowledge, but rather for the right mindset and potential:

  • Bachelor or Master degree in a software engineering field
  • Affinity in working with data
  • You set a high bar for yourself, and expect others to do the same. You’ll find we have an exceptionally talented team and are constantly looking for the best people to join
  • You are passionate about what you do. What unites us is our passion for technology and applying it to solve hard problems.
  • You are creative, entrepreneurial and open for innovation. We strongly believe that everything can be improved. We expect you to think and learn about new technologies, and take initiative to try and suggest new things
  • You are a critical thinker who understands that perfect is the enemy of the good. We don’t over-engineer, but we do whatever it takes to achieve our goals.
  • You work well in a team, but don’t mind getting your hands dirty. You’ll quickly learn that we have a very open culture where everyone can be reached out to for help, ideas, feedback and much more. But everyone takes responsibility for their own work.
  • Fluent in English

We welcome:

  • Experience writing Python code
  • Experience with any cloud platform
  • Fluency in SQL
  • Good data engineering practices, e.g. logging, re-running transformations, visualisation skills